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50 pink and white heart boxes when complete it will be in inches!

Each mailing box measures 4x4x2 inches when folded, perfect size for packing and shipping lipsticks, necklaces, jewelry, phones, crafts, small gifts and more.

Our shipping box is made of high quality recyclable cardboard, durable and sturdy, safe to pack and ship small items without being crushed or damaged.
These corrugated boxes are suitable for transporting or mailing some jewelry, toys, bows, or other small items.

The shipping box is made of three layers of high-quality corrugated cardboard, which is light in weight but sturdy and durable, will not pop open suddenly, is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

B--Flute Box Corrugated Material with 32 ECT (edge crush test)
B-flute offers excellent puncture and crush resistant properties as it is more rigid than the common c-flute box
B-flute consumes less warehouse space and is lighter weight to save on shipping.
Flutes per Linear Foot: 47; Thickness: 1/8"
100% recyclable

50 count 4x4x2 Pink Shipping Boxes

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