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- 10 ct
- Self Sealable
- USPS, FedEx and UPS ready
- Non transparent
- Water and dirt resistant
- Savings with super light packaging
- Tear and puncture resistant
- Easy packing

PREMIUM QUALITY ENVELOPES have a good stretch, lightweight and water-resistant. Lower the shipping cost of your business and protect your products on the rainy or snowy day.

ONLY FOR NON-FRAGILE ITEMS. The shipping envelopes are perfect for sending clothes and other small soft presents. If you are shipping anything which is breakable, we would recommend bubble envelopes

TEAR RESISTANCE SELF SEALING ENVELOPES. The adhesive on the fold-over flap is really strong and tamper-evident. There's no need reinforcement tape and it doesn't come apart unless you tear it up.

12x15 Large Black Poly Mailers 10ct

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